Project Un-Delete – Introduction

Project un-delete is a 2015 Chevy 3500 Crew Cab work truck that our sister Company owned. The truck has 250,000 miles on the Duramax/Allison transmission set-up. This truck was used in the Hot-Shot business pulling a 40’ gooseneck trailer daily hauling freight. At around 140,000 miles we experienced DPF problems and like most people we didn’t know where to turn for repairs! We knew that taking it to the Dealer wasn’t an option because all they want to do is replace it for thousands of dollars, so we took it to a local shop and when we asked how much to fix it their response was “it’s too much to fix it so just delete it” so we did.

We were told that we would see horsepower gains and better mileage, we didn’t see either! The truck might have a little more power because of the new Tuning, but as far as deleting the EGR Cooler and DPF Filter there was no difference at all! Shortly after having a lot of money put into this truck tuning, deleting it, the bottom end of the engine let loose! The truck has been sitting with a blown engine for over a year. Within that year we have opened up a new Company, Custom DPF Solutions.

Custom DPF Solutions specializes in the cleaning and repair work on Class 8 Trucks and Light Duty Truck emission systems. With our State-of the Art DPF Filter Cleaning Machine. Our machine is 100% water based and dries the filter at low temperature, no kiln or high heat baking like traditional ways! We have a 6,400 sq. ft. repair shop and large inventory of various DPF filters and Clamps & Gaskets. The alternative is to have your DPF system professionally cleaned, not replaced or deleted!

So our goal for “Project Un-Delete” is to resurrect the worn out Duramax and build a high horsepower engine and transmission truck with all emission equipment back on her! We will keep you posted and updated! Custom Tuning and Engine building will be coming soon at Custom DPF Solutions!

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