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  • Car
  • Van
  • Commercial Filters & SCR's Cleaned & Restored
  • Removes All Ash and Soot
  • Restores to Over 98%
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • One Year Warranty

Advantages of Our FH2 System

  1. Quicker DPF Cleaning process time reduces costly downtime allowing you to get your customer back on the road in a few hours.
  2. Cleaning efficiency consistently near 98.5%
  3. Cleans virtually any diesel particulate filter without the need for cutting, modification, and welding.
  4. No particulate matter emissions (dust) or hazardous fumes in the workplace atmosphere making a safer, cleaner work environment.

The Ultimate DPF Cleaning Machine

Our state-of-the-art Custom DPF-FH2 is an astounding machine that successfully cleans all types of Diesel Particulate Filters and SCR's - including cars, vans, trucks, buses, agriculture and plant.

Regeneration has failed, you've fixed any technical issues, and you've tried everything elsse in the book. The only way to completely clean a DPF filter is off-the vehicle.

Our proven machine effectively and efficiently removes all the PM-10 soot and ash from the filter, restoring the DPF back to virtually original condition and without the need for cutting, modifying, or welding.

The FH2 DPF cleaning System is revolutionizing the DPF cleaning industry.

An innovative, compact design cleans all particulate filter types for cars, light, medium and heavy trucks, buses, stationary power plants and off road equipment equipped with a diesel particulate filter. It efficiently removes virtually all PM-10 (soot & sulphated ash) from the channels of the filter restoring the DPF to serviceable conditions.

Most DPF cleaning Systems are designed to clean modular canister style filters found on heavy trucks that when the DPF is removed, the full inlet and outlet surfaces of the filter are easily accessible. Many diesel particulate filter designs such as those on cars, light and medium sized trucks have the DOC and DPF housed in a sealed housing in conjunction with small diameter exhaust tubing preventing access to the inlet or outlet surfaces of the filter making it difficult or impossible to clean. In these instances the DPF must be cut open, cleaned and welded back together again to restore the filter to serviceable standards or simply replace the DPF costing thousands of dollars.

The FH2 effectively cleans any make and configuration of diesel particulate filter without cutting, modifying or welding by simply connecting the appropriate fitting.

The FH2 process outperforms conventional DPF Cleaning technology both economically and in cleaning efficiency because the FH2 does not utilize pneumatic and/or thermal regeneration technology to remove soot and ash.

Custom DPF-FH2

Our Custom DPF-FH2 Machine